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TJ Spence-Author/Independent Publisher

Author BIO

Born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky, TJ started writing as a means of expression and self-discovery. Growing up, she was a S.T.E.A.M. kid and took every opportunity to also develop in the performing arts as well in vocal & instrumental music performance, dance and eventually writing. Writing became a natural habit through journaling, but never turned into a serious endeavor until she was older.

Being an avid reader inspired TJ and gave her the motivation to finally write and publish a novellette and subsequently, a novella. While writing mainly in African-American targeted fiction and currently trying her hand at Afrofuturism, TJ loves to read many different genres not limited to urban fiction, African-American targeted fiction, Christian Fiction, Biographies/Autobiographies, Historical Fiction, Suspense, and Afrofuturism.

Her previous experience as a Technical Writer, encompassing writing/developing Operations Manuals, User Instructional Manuals, Technical Documentation, Use Cases, Test Cases, etc... had a huge affect on how TJ approaches the planning, organization, and formatting her fictional writing.

TJ is the author of two self-published releases ("All Is Well" and "Habitual", both currently available on Amazon in eBook and paperback formats) and is currently working on the first book in her new series, "Discoveries". 

  • All Is Well 
    Currently available on Amazon in digital and paperback formats

    Tamarin & Anthony learn, grow, and mature as they navigate the changes that their separation and impending divorce brings to everyone's lives.

  • Habitual - A Novella 
    Currently available on Amazon in digital and paperback formats

    Habitual takes an honest look at realizing how well we actually know our significant others. Lawrence and Aundrea learn just how quickly secrets and lies can turn your life upside down.

  • Discoveries

    A simple traffic stop leads to the discovery of a maternal lineage and uncovers a long held family secret that changes Kadida's life forever. With all these realizations she grows in her strength and walks into what she believes is her life's true purpose.

  • Discoveries II - The Queendom

    ***Currently In development.


Q & A on Discoveries: Ancestral Gifts

  • Where did you get the idea for this book?

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  • When you self publish, do you do it all yourself?  (Be generous with credit, it comes back to you.)

  • What’s your book about?

  • What’s your writing background?

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Contact Info

You may contact TJ through any the methods listed below:

Louisville, KY

+1 502-627-0335