Black Love: The Series, Documentary, and Everything Else

Published on 30 January 2022 at 11:43

So hey, it’s been quite a while since I have posted and I apologize, but I’m not sorry. I say that because I needed to handle other things. We have got to learn to remove things from our over-full plates, if only for a short time. That’s what I did and now I’m back. Hopefully, on a bi-monthly basis. So, moving on…

A few years ago, I caught a show called “Black Love”. Before watching it I was thinking, ‘oh, they are going to highlight these famous couples that usually break up’. Seriously, that’s what I thought. I was wrong! And I couldn’t be happier that I was so wrong.

There is certainly a need for this show. Well, let me correct myself. There is a need for this show, platform, and summit. The couple producing the show is wholly owned by Tommy and Codie Oliver. They did ALL the heavy lifting before taking it to be bought and I have so much respect for that. Learning about them came from the show.

Now, back to the series. This series, for me personally, represents hope. I am a twice-divorced, single mother, who is about to hit fifty in less than six months. I needed to see this. WE need to see this. I came out of that second divorce very jaded. Then I had a situation where I allowed someone to fill a space they didn’t sign up for, which eventually made me say ‘skip these dudes'.

When I say we, I mean black people. We, black people, have always had to sift through stereotypes, falsehoods, various negative campaigns, etc.… regarding our marriageability or our ability to maintain successful healthy relationships. I actually have six siblings who have been married for more than twenty years, so you think I would have been more successful, right?

This series takes an honest look at Black Love and relationships through conversations with couples and I have become addicted to it. They show long-time married couples, newly married couples, and dating couples as well (this includes straight, gay, etc…). It is a really good mix of viewpoints. Not everyone agrees on everything, but there is one consistent consensus. Black Love is a thing that is still in existence.

Now, to be clear, I can only comment from my vantage point. I’m not saying that other races and ethnicities don’t deal with the things I mentioned earlier in this blog post. What I am saying is from MY experience. Black love is powerful and necessary, and it ain’t what you see advertised as Black Love.

I said all that to say, watch this series. Catch the YouTube clips and cut-outs. I think they are on to something. I applaud Tommy and Codie for their contribution.

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