Lessons Learned from the Travels of Others

Published on 7 July 2021 at 10:51

Good afternoon, everyone! It is a pop-up showers kind of day today. I’m on my lunch break from work and I have been writing and developing my next release recently. We are currently still working remotely so I watch a lot of YouTube content. I used to watch a panel that I won’t name (you’ll see why as you keep reading), during the day and more so when they launched an evening panel. They were funny, witty, and operated as a cohesive unit until they didn’t. The whole thing imploded, and it has been the talk of these YouTube streets for a month or so and the more you hear, the more disgusted you should become. There is so much that I won’t take the time to mention but I will give some shouts at the end, because this is my writing space and I believe that you should give people their flowers while they can smell them (even if they never read this blog entry).

The gist of what happened is the panel, led by an unknown individual, was pitted against one another. Not only were they pitted against each other, it was done in a methodical, underhanded, and cowardly manner. The crap finally hit the fan when one of them decided that she needed to leave due to time constraints. What followed next was repeated episodes of attempts to make the former panelists, who were now beginning to speak out look ungrateful at best and vengeful liars at worst. The “cartoon character/avatar” that they were now calling “it”, was beginning to recruit people in order to further speak badly about the former panel members across the YouTube spectrum. It was really and truly a sad display.

One by one the former panelists began to tell their stories and the final member aired her experience last night and connected ALL the dots and filled ALL the holes. And she did so with a grace that I definitely don’t possess. The panel members in the interim, have come together, supported each other, and STILL have each other’s best interests at heart (okay, I don’t know about one of them) and it makes my heart smile.

I said all this to say, you have to be able to learn from the lives and hard times of others. It was reiterated in the aftermath that you have to be careful whose team you decide to play on and who you allow in your backcourt. There is a colorful African proverb that teaches that everyone to takes sh** off you isn’t your friend and everyone that puts sh** on you is not your enemy. I am in full support of this viewpoint and the fact that you can take a hard time and turn it into a profit!

Shout out to the following individuals from my small, new, itty-bitty writer’s blog as you have made my time telecommuting a whole lot more bearable and entertaining: @scaredofbeautiful, @hausoftheprincess, @theebishop, @sodebonair,

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