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Welcome! TJ Spence is an up and coming writer of fiction novels and novellas including her work in progress, an AfroFuturism novel titled "Discoveries".

Current ReleasesĀ 

Click on the book cover images below to be taken the the title in Amazon. Please keep in mind that "Discoveries" is not yet available as it is still in progress.

All Is Well

Tamarin & Anthony learn, grow, and mature as they navigate the changes that their separation and impending divorce brings to everyone's lives.

This title is available on in both paperback & digital formats.

Habitual-A Novella

Habitual takes an honest look at realizing how well we actually know our significant others. Lawrence and Aundrea learn just how quickly secrets and lies can turn your life upside down.

This title is available on in both paperback & digital formats.


A simple traffic stop leads to the discovery of a maternal lineage and uncovers a long held family secret that changes Kadida's life forever. With all these realizations she grows in her strength and walks into what she believes is her life's true purpose.


Startled - A Kindle Vella Series

A young professional woman who literally and professionally fights for her old neighborhood learns from whom she descends. As she uncovers more information, she decides to embark on a journey of self-discovery as well as becoming more under-cover in her activism.

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